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LebHR Weekly Newsletter – 04 Feb 2012
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picture Employee Motivation: Financial Compensation

On to our second article regarding employee motivation. Today’s discussion tackles the concept of financial compensation, and whatever relates to financial compensation from salary to any monetary rewards. One cannot stress enough the importance of money in relevance to employees, as essentially, no employee can sustain a life without a paying job. Financial compensation

picture Employee Motivation: Praise and Recognition

Let us start off defining what is employee motivation. Employee motivation is typically understood as the act of employees performing at their highest levels with a sense of motivation towards their job. Motivation in itself, as defined in wikipedia “is a term  that refers to a process that elicits, controls, and sustains certain behaviors.” Hence […]

picture Hilarious Interview Questions !

While job seekers might be stressed out, not having gotten enough sleep or trying to show honesty if they provide weird answers, one must wonder why hilarious interview questions come from interviewers? If you have seen our previous article entitled Hilarious Interview Answers! (if you haven’t,

picture 7 Tips for Effective Communication at Work

One cannot stress enough the value of effective communication at work. Without it there can be serious issues in productivity and team work! Managers often assess their employees with their potential for such effective communication, and communication skills are considered in the essence of performance appraisals. For this purpose,

picture How to improve productivity?

How to improve productivity? a question that often runs through the minds of managers and bosses. Changing minor things can have the biggest effect on boosting productivity and enhancing your

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