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LebHR Weekly Newsletter – 11 Feb 2012
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picture Leadership or Management: What is the future?Recently, lots of discussions have arisen in regards to what is the right quality organizations need to be successful, leadership or management? How would you want your key persons to be? To answer that let us first check on the difference between a leader and a manager through analyzing the traits
picture The Rejection LetterYes, it is this big scary letter that job seekers are afraid of, the rejection letter. It is the awful letter that the HR or the recruiter needs to communicate back when things don’t go the right way in the recruitment process. Yes the rejection letter! Now what is wrong with what I just stated?
picture The Power of a SmileDo you believe in the power of a smile? Have you tried smiling lately, or more frequently? I was actually watching this song clip on TV today, and the song’s theme was about smiling. And being a happy person in general (I love smiling <— see), it hit me ! What if people were willing […]
picture Employment Systems and Their Effects on Employee TurnoverEmployee Turnover has always been a variable most companies aim at minimizing. The assumption was that high turnover leads to more losses due to investments done by the organization, meanwhile low turnover means more stable company and investments well-made. Does this assumption still stand true? and how do employment systems effect employee turnover
picture Employee Motivation: Financial CompensationOn to our second article regarding employee motivation. Today’s discussion tackles the concept of financial compensation, and whatever relates to financial compensation from salary to any monetary rewards. One cannot stress enough the importance of money in relevance to employees, as essentially, no employee can sustain a life without a paying job. Financial compensation

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