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LebHR Weekly Newsletter – 21 Jan 2012
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picture 10 Most Common Interview Questions and AnswersJob interview, interview questions, interview answers, interviewers .. are these haunting you in your dreams?If you are a job seeker, especially a first timer, i bet they are!
picture Why Employees Leave?One of the essential questions a company owner, an HR manager, or whoever is concerned with hiring at an organization asks is why employees leave? and we are not talking here about some obvious reasons that an employee will provide once leaving. Of course he probably got a better offer (or maybe a similar salary), […]
picture Outside Your Comfort ZoneHave you been in an adventurous trip, hiking, rafting, scuba diving…, pushed yourself outside your comfort zone ? Such activities aid us in discovering our inner selves by fulfilling our quest for adventure and mood change. Human Resources is all about improving personal skills as per Wikipedia. Employees are considered as creative and social assets […]
picture Motivating Employees in 2012, a New PerceptionEver wondered if you are doing the right things to motivate your employees? What if what you’re doing used to work, at some previous period of time, and now it doesn’t anymore? With changes of years, our perceptions about older approaches change, and some AHHAs! surface. Such AHHAs as the ones
picture Top 10 Tips to Get Promoted!Promotion. Oh what a big word that carries with it big dreams and ambitions. Who among employees doesn’t seek a promotion? of course unless you are your own boss, or you are the CEO of a company, you probably won’t be interested in getting promoted .. or you think you won’t be Still, a promotion

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