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LebHR Weekly Newsletter – 26 Feb 2012
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picture Employee Turnover: Why Should You Care?

If there is one key aspect usually forgotten (mistakenly or intentionally) by company owners, and that can lead to disastrous results to the organization in general, that would be Employee Turnover! It is really sad

picture 4 Key Traits of a Good Manager

What makes a good manager? What are the traits or habits which shape his success? Many people have argued and still argue about this debatable issue. Some believe that a manager should posses

picture Workplace Diversity: Manage it or Ignore it

Trying to define diversity in your own words can be a challenging task. Many people think that diversity is what makes us different from others. This is true to some extent, but to be more precise it is the mix of all factors

picture Unemployment Status How Tragic Can It Be?

Unemployment status has always been a depressing situation for most job seekers and employees, but to what extent? Of course job seekers will be effected by being unemployed, especially with cost of living increasing

picture Happy Employees

Every person has his own reasons for working, whether to make a living (shocking eh?), to raise a family, to become a manager, to do something you enjoy, or to accomplish a childhood dream…

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