LebHR Weekly Newsletter – 27 May 2012
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picture How to align employees to your company’s mission statement?

Mission Statement, two big words that every company needs to pay attention to heavily to reach recognition in the business world. Each of these two words is very valued on its own, and when combined even show more strength and importance. The first word, Mission, which tells you we are talking here about a target,

picture Stress at Work: a new definition

Stress at work is always a term that creeps out everyone. Why? Simply put, almost everyone has had it at some point in time, or suffered some form of it. We had previously

picture Job Rotation Study – It’s a Good Practice

We had previously discussed in several articles job rotation from its definition, to why implement it, and its relevance to employee motivation. And all of that is good information. But what we are aiming at showing now is real data coming from a study performed by Eli Lilly and Company,

picture Workplace Body Language

It has been a while we haven’t written about body language, yet it is a very important topic whether in relevance to job seekers, to employees, or to managers. It has been long promoted, and proven as per research, that only 7% of communication is verbal, while 93% is based on body language. When these […]

picture Employee Motivation and Job Rotation: Where do They Meet?

Previously we had discussed both topics of employee motivation and job rotation on separate terms, each on its own. Yet what is an important factor that needs to be highlighted

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