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LebHR Weekly Newsletter – 28 Jan 2012
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picture 7 Tips for Effective Communication at Work

One cannot stress enough the value of effective communication at work. Without it there can be serious issues in productivity and team work! Managers often assess their employees with their potential for such effective communication, and communication skills are considered in the essence of performance appraisals. For this purpose,

picture How to improve productivity?

How to improve productivity? a question that often runs through the minds of managers and bosses. Changing minor things can have the biggest effect on boosting productivity and enhancing your

picture Are you ready for your performance appraisal?

“Performance appraisal”, 2 small words, yet with such big effect that they influence employees all over the world! And it is this time of the year, December-January that performance appraisals take place for the past year, and preparations for the coming year, 2012, get planned. Whether you are at the doorstep of your current appraisal

picture Are You Successful at Work?

What defines work success? What are the key criteria that bring together work and success? Have you asked yourself recently whether you are successful at work? For every employee there comes a time where you stop and consider your value at work. This might be prompted by your performance evaluation being near, more financial burdens […]

picture 10 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers

Job interview, interview questions, interview answers, interviewers .. are these haunting you in your dreams?If you are a job seeker, especially a first timer, i bet they are!

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