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LebHR Weekly Newsletter – 31 Dec 2011
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picture Pressured and Stressed at Work? What to do!Stress at work..rings a bell? of course it does! who doesn’t suffer every now and then from work stress, or sometimes all the time. Well this stress can be both a positive or a negative factor. At certain levels stress creates a challenging environment for us in the workplace. With these levels maintained, our job […]
picture What’s the Top Job Board in Lebanon?LebHR team conducted a study on the top job boards in Lebanon. The study was based on the local ratings for different job boards within the Lebanese communities, based upon rankings gathered from Alexa. The job board that landed the best ranking in Lebanon turned out to be
picture Victim of a Bad or Difficult BossAre you feeling too much stress at work because of a bad or difficult boss? Bad management leads to high turnover rates and drives people to quit work. Actually let me correct that, most people do not leave the organization, they leave a bad boss. There are in fact different types of bad bosses,
picture Time is money or truly it is Life itself…To learn how to control your time is to control your most precious gift … your daily life (24 hours, 1440 minutes, or 86400 seconds daily). Developing time management skills can lead to great rewards; more productivity, more relaxation time, easier evaluation of your work, no more procrastination, and so on and so forth are […]
picture 5 Most Read Articles of 2011As we say goodbye to 2011, we open up our arms welcoming the year of 2012, which we hope will bring joy, happiness, and success to all – job seekers, employees, employers, HR professionals, and humanity (okay we just included everyone here!). At the start of this new year, we would like to share with […]
Happy New Year 2012
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